Squarespace recurring billing

RecurHub supports creating recurring products in Squarespace commerce.

Step 1 Enable Squarespace in RecurHub

Login to the RecurHub admin panel and navigate to Settings->Integrations->Squarespace. Enter the URL of your store in the Squarespace URL field.

Step 2 Install RecurHub into Squarespace

In the Squarespace admin panel navigate to: Settings->Code Injection

Enter the following into the header box and click save:

<script src='https://www.recurhub.com/squarespace.js'></script>

Step 3 Create Squarespace product

  • Navigate to the content manager and create/edit a product.
  • After entering the details go to the 'Options' tab. Check the 'Custom Add Button Text' and enter 'Subscribe' in the box.
  • View this product on your live site and copy the URL from the address bar for step 4.

Please note: RecurHub only currently supports Squarespace products with one variant.

Step 4 Create RecurHub product

In the RecurHub admin panel create a RecurHub product with any recurring options you would like.
In the 'Product URL' field enter the URL to the public product page on Squarespace and then click 'Link'.