Shopify variations

RecurHub supports Shopify variations to create a product that has multiple subscription options as well as non-subscription options.


In this example we will show how to setup a product that has three variations:
  1. A 'one time' payment, it will be processed through the standard Shopify checkout and not be recurring.
  2. Billing on a weekly basis.
  3. Billing on a monthly basis.

Step 1 Setup your variations in shopify

In Shopify setup all your variations. Just enter a name for them and a price. The recurring details will be setup later.

Step 2 Setup a RecurHub product

On the Shopify product page click the 'RecurHub - create subscription' link.
One this first product enter the recurring charge and interval and select the first recurrion variation from the Shopify variations box.

Step 3 Create another variation (optional)

In RecurHub edit the product you just created and click the 'Create new product for another variation' link. Now you can select another variation from the list and setup a different billing plan for it.