Shopify setup

Step 1 Install the Shopify app

The Shopify app can be installed from either the Shopify app store or from the RecurHub admin panel.
  • To install from the app store: just click Install App and follow the instructions.
  • To install from RecurHub: login and navigate to the settings tab. Under the Shopify section enter your Shopify store url and then click Connect to Shopify.

Step 2 Connect to Stripe

If your account is not already connected to Stripe, login to the RecurHub dashboard and click Connect to Stripe.

Step 3 Create the Shopify product

  1. In Shopify navigate to Products->Add Product and create a product or edit an existing product.
  2. If creating a new product enter the product information and then click create or save.
  3. After saving the product you will find a link labeled RecurHub - create subscription.
    • In Shopify v1: this is directly under the product name.
    • In Shopify v2: click Apps at the top and it will be in the menu.

Step 4 Link the RecurHub product

Fill out the plan information and details for the RecurHub product. Once it is all setup click Create Product.


In your Shopify store the product purchase button will now take you to a page to subscribe to the plan.
To create more subscription products simply repeat steps 3 and 4


Shopify prevents apps from loading until the entire Shopify theme has loaded. This normally is not a problem, but if your theme has large assets or images the RecurHub code may load slower then the page. If this happens customers could potentially click the 'add to cart' button before RecurHub is loaded and they will not be taken to the recurring checkout.
If you experience this issue there is a simple manual fix here.