Billing plans

RecurHub offers flexable billing plan options to create a wide variety of possible billing scenarios. You can have multiple products on different plans.

Plan options

Recurring chargeDollar amount to charge upon each billing period. (required)
Recurring intervalThe length of the billing period. Can be any number of days, weeks, months or years. (required)
Initial chargeOne time fee charged when subscribing to a product. This is charged initially regardless of if there is a free trial. (optional)
TrialNumber of days before beginning to charge the recurring charge. (optional)
Expiration intervalAutomatically cancel the subscription after this many periods. (optional)
Billing dateSet whether to bill on the same day of the month as signed up or a specific day of the month/week. (required)

Sample Scenarios

  • Charge $25 every other week
    • Recurring charge: $25
    • Recurring interval: 2 weeks
  • Charge $10 for the first month and $15/month after
    • Recurring charge: $15
    • Recurring interval: 1 month
    • Initial charge: $10
    • Trial: 30 days
  • Charge 3 monthly installments of $49
    • Recurring charge: $49
    • Recurring interval: 1 month
    • Expiration interval: 3 periods