Bigcommerce setup [BETA]

Step 1 Connect RecurHub to Bigcommerce

  1. Login to your Bigcommerce account and click the Users link near the top right of the page. Then under the admin user click the edit action.
  2. Save the API Path and API Token from this page for the next step.
  3. Login to the RecurHub admin panel and navigate to Settings->Integrations->Bigcommerce.
    • Enter the API Path from step 2 in the Store URL field
    • Enter the API Token from step 2 in the Store API key field
    • Enter admin in the username field

Step 2 Add RecurHub to your Bigcommerce template

  1. Click the design button near the top right of your Bigcommerce admin panel. Under your 'Current Store Design' click the 'Browse Template Files...' button.
  2. In the file selector on the left click the HTMLhead.html file.
  3. Enter the following line underneath the <head> and save the file:

<script src=''></script>

Step 3 Link to a product

  1. In Bigcommerce create a product that you would like to be the recurring product.
  2. In RecurHub create a product, and link it to your Bigcommerce product using the 'Bigcommerce product' field.
  3. Enter all of the recurring details and save the product.


Navigate to the product page in your Bigcommerce store and verify that the purchase button takes you to the RecurHub subscribe page.